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To Be Revived

Scripture: Romans 14:7-9; Text: Romans 14:9

The passage before us may not seem very appropriate for a message on revival. It tells us how dependant upon Christ we really are. He is inseparable from the objects of His grace, for whether we live or die, we belong to HIm. If we live, we live unto Him. If we die, we die unto the Lord. It is needful for us to understand that nothing can separate us from Him and His love (Romans 8:38- 39). Those who are saved by the sacrificial death and shed blood of Jesus, belong to Him and can never be eternally lost. Jesus said He will lose none of us and we certainly can trust His words (John 6:39).

Paul said it was for this purpose that Christ died, rose and was revived. He is Lord of saints departed and living, because He is the only Saviour of sinners. Through His work of grace, we are forever secure. Grace means that He died for us, was raised and lives forever more; even though we did not deserve it. So many scriptures remind us of our resurrected and living Saviour. Consider Romans 4:25, 1 Corinthians 15:3-4, and Revelation 1:18. No wonder Paul put so much emphasis on the fact that Christ died, rose and was revived.

Most of us are aware of the fact that He died for our sins and rose again. However, many have never thought much about the idea of Him being revived. Have you ever considered this fact? It is this fact that we shall consider for the remainder of this sermon. This statement about revival is quite different from those we usually hear about in revival meetings. May we be blessed to understand the subject before us. As we continue our study, we shall explore answers to three questions. (1). What does it mean to be revived? (2). What can we do to be revived? (3). Do you want to be revived?


If we look at our scripture passage, we notice that when Jesus was revived He lived again. That idea of being revived is frequently found in the Bible. In the Old Testament, we find the account of a boy dying and the prophet Elijah stretching himself upon the lad and asking God to return his life. The child is said to have been revived, which meant that he lived again (1 Kings 17:22). Also in the tomb of the prophet Elisha, a dead man touched his bones and was revived to life again (2 Kings 13:21).

However, these are not the only ideas in the Bible about being revived. In an earlier account, the spirit of Jacob is revived when he discovered that his son Joseph was alive (Genesis 45:27). In yet another reference Samson had defeated a great host of Philistines and afterwards was about to perish with thirst. God gave him water and he was revived (Judges 15:19).

In all these accounts and others like them, people were revived. So what does it mean to be revived? The answer may be more obvious than previously thought. There is one common thread that is woven through all these passages. It is the idea of RESTORATION. They were either restored to life, or joy, or strength. They were restored to the condition they previously enjoyed, not to a new experience. So then, revival means to be restored again to a former condition. Many of God's people have turned away or fallen away from the spiritual fervor and interests they have previously known. All who have lost some of their spiritual closeness to God, need desperately to be revived and restored to that which has been lost. The Bible uses words like "backsliding" (Jeremiah 3:22), "forsaken" (2 Timothy 4:10), and "draw back" (Hebrews 10:38). All these describe people who have left or lost something, and they need to be revived.


We need to understand at this point that true revival comes from God. There is absolutely no other source. In every account previously given, God intervened and revival came in all its various forms. It cannot be gained through programs, meetings or preaching, no matter how able the man. Only by the Holy Spirit blessing the program, manifesting His presence in the meeting and empowering the words of the preacher, will people be revived. So what can we do that is in keeping with God purposes for revival?

First, we must pray for our heavenly Father to send this wonderful blessing. When Jesus taught His disciples to pray the model prayer, He said they could ask for a variety of blessings. He continued in the "Sermon on the Mount" with reassuring words of answered prayers (Matthew 7:7). He also taught us that we can ask for the presence of the Holy Spirit (Luke 11:13). Keep this fact in mind; all blessings both temporal and spiritual, come from God's bounty (James 1:17). So if we want to be revived, we must ask God for this blessing. Just as we are dependant upon God for every other blessing, we are also dependant upon Him for revival. When we pray for revival, we are actually acknowledging His power. If we pray for revival, we are to believe He can grant our petition. It takes divine power for prayers to be answered. So by prayer we profess our faith in Him and His power to revive us. It follows then, that when we pray and trust His power, we must genuinely seek revival. He is omniscient and knows all that we think or do. In hypocrisy, we may fool others, but we cannot fool or deceive God. If we are not genuine in our requests for revival, He will not send it. Let us begin our holy quest for revival; by sincere prayers that acknowledge His power, thus seeking revival with our whole heart.

Second, there is the matter of God's holy word, the Bible. If we want God to bless us, we should endeavor to obey His word. It certainly is not an unreasonable demand. If we are unwilling to live as He teaches us, what right do we have in thinking He will give us all we desire? He has given the Bible to tell us how to live and enjoy life to the fullest. If we fail to read it or ignore the truths that are set forth in the scriptures, why would we suppose that revival should be given? The path back to blessings lost, are marked well in His word. The Bible is the lamp and light for our path of life (Psalms 119:105). It will greatly help us to find the right way to live. Once on the right track, then we are to follow it daily. In so doing we will find the blessings that our souls need. Saved people can derive great joy for the written word. Jeremiah said it brought joy and rejoicing to him (Jeremiah 15:16). God's word is real "soul food" for it nourishes and imparts strength to us. Many today are mal- nourished because they have not fed their souls upon the spiritual milk and meat of the word of God. How often do you feed your soul? We should read and study the Bible daily; but to derive the maximum benefit, we must obey it. Let me illustrate. We can derive much good from the foods on our tables. It can be pleasant to look upon and the aroma can stimulate the appetite; but for the greatest benefit to be gained, the food must be eaten. Only when food is taken into the body and digested, does it nourish and strengthen your body. Even so, we must assimulate God's word into our very being. This is done by absorbing it in our thoughts, meditating upon it and by putting it into practice. We are to be "doers of the word" (James 1:22). If we hear it and forget it, what good will it do us? On the other hand, when we hear it and obey it, we are in harmony with His will. As people walk in faith and obedience, it is more likely that God will revive them. In our search for revival, let us hear His words, meditate upon them and obey them; to His glory.


The answer may be obvious in many lives. Evidentally they do not, and that may explain why some are not interested in the above steps. If they never pray for revival and refuse to be directed by God's word, they probably care nothing about being revived. The sad fact is that many people are not interested in change. They are satisfied with themselves as they are, so why would they want to be revived? While many are not interested, there are people who find the concept appealing and want revival. Yet some of them have never been taught what is involved. These are the ones who may be blessed to benefit most from this study. Hopefully, God will speak to their hearts and give them the knowledge they need. Perhaps, God may even shake up some who before had no desire, causing them to recognize their needs too. It would be great if there could be a great revival of spiritual interests, that would sweep across our nation. Many of us would rejoice tremendously if that were to happen. While we realize that it could, we also acknowledge that it has not in our life time. Will it come in the future? Perhaps, but revival is important whether it comes nationally or individually. Before it will come nationally, it must come to a great host of individuals. People like you and me, who recognize the need and want God to revive us. Do you want to be revived? If you answer in the affirmative, why not consecrate your life to the service of the Lord? (1 Chronicles 29:5). If we are consecrated to the Lord, we will want to know what He would have us do. Paul while on the road to Damascus sought such knowledge in his prayer (Acts 9:6). As we come to see His will more clearly, then He will give us grace to resist the devil and submit to God. You may then be surprised to find you have not only been revived, but are growing beyond anything you have ever experienced before. No one is capable of telling you how wonderful it can be, you must discover that for yourself.


May it please God to engrave these secrets of revival in the hearts of us all. If He does not, no one can. If He chooses to do so, lives will be enriched and His glorious name shall be praised. Our hearts should be humble and contrite as we wait for revival (Isaiah 57:15). As we seek revival, let us have a two fold purpose in our hearts. There are two objectives that should be sought prayerfully. They are as follows: (1). the reviving of His work, and (2). the reviving of His people. They are to be of vital concern to us and by prayer we may seek both.

First, Habakkuk the prophet prayed for God to revive His work in the earth (Habakkuk 3:2). It certainly seems that many who have served the Lord, have now turned aside. Churches have died, where once the praise of God rang out on Sunday. The fires of evangelism have burned very low and need to be rekindled. Let us commit ourselves to pray for God's work to be revived in the midst of the years.

Second, David prayed for God to revive the people (Psalm 85:6). Have you watched loved ones drift away from the service of God, towards this wicked world. Have you prayed for them to be revived and will you continue to pray until God answers in mercy? You see, David helped us to understand that prayers for revival are not to be limited to ourselves. He said, "revive US, that thy prople may rejoice." We are to pray that God will revive us personally, but also that He will revive others too. We must not be selfish in our prayers. We must reach out and embrace others as well. Only then will our prayers embrace all who are in need of revival.

If enough of us will pray and God is pleased to send revival, perhaps we shall notice a visible change in the direction of our nation, as well as your life and mine. May we desire - TO BE REVIVED. Please God, be gracious to send it SOON!

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