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Deacon Ordination

Scripture: Matthew 17:9;

It is my duty and privilege to charge you Brethren, during this solemn occasion. It is a task that I trust I do not take lightly, nor should anyone. I hope to be brief, nevertheless I pray that God will enable me to stir your hearts and that you will make a solemn committment to abide by the teachings of God's holy word.

First of all, let me dwell on the significance of a CHARGE. In our society it can mean many things. I will enumerate some that are very common. (1). To charge is to ask a price, as to require an amount for payment. (2). To charge is to put down as a debt, such as when an amount is put on a charge account. (3). To charge is to attack, such as when an enemy is confronted. However, to charge, as we view it tonight is to give a task, a duty, a responsibility; to serve the Lord and His church faithfully. Therefore the principal purpose of this service is - to put a weight upon. So then I will try to put a burden upon your hearts.

The idea of a charge is not new to this kind of service. People have been charged in both the Old and New Testaments. David charged his son Solomon with regards to being king. 1 Kings 2:1. The aging minister Paul charged the younger minister Timothy in 2 Timothy 4:1. Jesus even charged His disciples in Matthew 17:9. So tonight I follow a great pattern that has been set before us.

As I charge you brethren, I recognize that the original deacons were ordained to take care of the widows. As far as I am concerned, that duty has never changed. However, because it is stated so clearly in the scriptures, I will not address the matter tonight. As I have thought and prayed about what I would say to you, there are three things that have come to my mind and been upon my heart.

1. Observe the teachings of the Bible with regard to your duties. The passages I have reference to are printed in the bulletins. They are God's message to you and they are more important than any responsibility imposed upon you by the church or other men. They are simple and rather self explanatory, so read them frequently and keep them always in your hearts. Acts 6:3 and 1 Timothy 3:8-13. If you seek grace to live by these words, you will truly make good deacons of Grace Church.

2. Let me encourage you to support all the services of the church that you can. I mean by that, not only the regularity of your attendance, but to also support the different kinds of activities. I recognize, as you do, that because of work, family difficulties or illness, you will not be able to attend all services. But attend every service you can, and support the Bible Study and Mid-Week services too. Why? Because others will be watching you. If you are a good and wise deacon, others will be encouraged by your faithfulness. On the other hand some will excuse their failure based on your deficiencies. We must guard against a child or weak member saying, "Well they don't attend this or that service, so why should I?" Don't set a bad example for others to follow. Hebrews 12:13. Always strive to do better, as the Lord gives an opportunity to do so. Hebrews 6:1.

3. Be a true servant of the church. The basic idea imbedded in the word "deacon" is servant. A deacon is not ordained to hold a high office within the church and to lord over other members. You and I are ordained to serve the Lord and to serve His people. Jesus is our perfect example, so listen to what He said in Luke 22:27. If you want to serve the Lord, you can do so by serving His people, according to Matthew 25:40. You have served the Lord or you would not have been chosen to serve as a deacon. Continue to serve the Lord and be true to Him who saved you by His amazing grace. Also serve the church faithfully, who has asked you to be a deacon. Put their interest always ahead of your own. God will richly bless you in doing so.

In conclusion, let me say a few things to the wives and families. These men need you to stand by them and help them. They help fight the battles for good and that is not always easy in this sinful world. Therefore they need: (1).Your support. They need to know that you are standing with them, willing to support their efforts. (2). Your assistance. They not only need to know you are there, but when the job is taking a lot of time, help them in every way you can. I know you are not being ordained, but they are and you are one in the Lord. (3).Your prayers. There are some things you cannot help them do. They will often need a power greater than human help. Ask God to bless them, guide them and give them wisdom. Pray for them often, it will make their job easier if they know you are praying for them.

May God richly bless you as you receive this charge. Please remember that though I have given the charge, it is given before God and the Lord Jesus Christ. May He bless you and strengthen this church through your witness and efforts, is my prayer.

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