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In the Bible, her name has two spellings, as does many Old Testament names. When the name is carried into the New Testament, the spelling changes. In the Old Testament it is spelled "Rebekah" but in the New Testament it is spelled Rebecca (Romans 9: 10).

When Abraham was very old, he became worried about his son Isaac. Isaac had grown to manhood and was not yet married. In fact Isaac was forty years old when he married (Gen. 25:20). Abraham felt that he must find a suitable wife for Isaac and she must come from among his people. Apparently, Abraham was afraid Isaac might marry a woman from among the Canaanites. So, Abraham sent a trusted servant to Mesopotamia, to seek an appropriate wife for his son Isaac.

The servant rested by a well in the village of Nabor in Mesopotamia. He prayed to God and asked for help in selecting a wife for Isaac. He told God that he planned to ask a woman for water. If she then offered to water his camels, he would know she was the one God had chosen. Because he believed in God, he trusted Him to cause the right woman to make the appropriate offer. Shortly after his prayer, Rebekah came to the well. He asked her for a drink and almost immediately she asked to water his camels. (Gen. 24:15-20). What a mighty God we serve.

Later Abrahamís servant was invited to Rebekahís home where he shared his experience with her family. He rehearsed how God had answered his prayer and told he purpose in being there (Gen. 24:29-46). Convinced that God had revealed His will by answering the servant's prayer, Rebekah promptly replied "I will go". Her response revealed a great deal about Rebekah. She certainly believed in God and had strong confidence in answered prayer; therefore, she was willing to go and do God's will. (Gen.24: 58).

She went back with the servant of Abraham and became Isaac's wife. (Gen.24:67). She would later bear for him twin sons (Gen.25:21-26). She had considerable difficulties while she carried them and their names were, Esau and Jacob.

Rebekah's dedication to the will of God shows her to be a woman of remarkable faith and trust. These virtues are also desirable for any woman who desires to be a Christian wife and mother. Such virtues are needed to make a home a haven of love and peace.

Keep this fact in mind, God does not show us only the good side of a person, He also shows us their faults. Rebekah was no different from anyone else, she was not perfect. Near the end of Isaac's life, she influence Jacob to deceive his father and take the birthright that belonged to Esau. (Gen. 27:15-17). In spite of this fault, she was indeed a great woman and for much of her life she showed great strength of purpose and dedication to God's will.

Though she had faults like all of us, Rebekah did possess many desirable characteristics: she was industrious (Gen.24:19), a hospitable woman (Gen. 24:25), a woman of decision (Gen.24:57-58), and a woman of modesty (Gen.24:65). Her life was lived and fulfilled a long time ago, now we look back and remember her virtues.

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