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The Mother Of Jesus

Having studied Joseph, the husband of Mary, we will now give attention to her noble life. There are probably as many as eight different women in the Bible by the name of Mary. Among them, the Mary we study is probably best known and loved, for she is said to be the woman honored above all women. We hold her in our heart, in part because she gave birth to our blessed Saviour. She nurtured and cared for Him, cooking His meals, mended His clothes and did all that mothers take on in the care of a child. She was indeed richly blessed among women by having the privilege of forming a body for Jesus to offer as a sacrifice for our sins. Thus "Mary" heads the list of female names and some ten years ago there were about 3,720,000 women in the United States named Mary.

Consider her:
1. Super-eminence. Mary is better known than any other female character of the Bible. She is said to be "blessed" and "honored" by God. Luke 1:28. Throughout the ages she has been honored by people, but nothing could possibly equal the "favor" bestowed upon her by God. Luke 1:30, 42.

2. Selection. Mary did not volunteer for the opportunity to be the mother of the Son of God. God had previously prophesied that His Son would be born of a "virgin" and Mary was chosen. Isaiah 7:14, Matthew 1:22-23 and Luke 1:26-35.

3. Submission. When God informed her of His plans, she never uttered a word of rebellion or resentment. She was totally submissive to His will for her life. Luke 1:38. Mary no doubt knew she would be misjudged but she gave God glory and rejoiced in that which lay ahead of her. Luke 1:46-56.

4. Service. She served God by accepting His will and living obediently to it for the rest of her life. Her task was not for a mere nine months and then delivery of a child and it all ended. In reality it all began for she would attend to the needs of Jesus until His manhood. She bore the hardships of travel to a distant land to protect Him from the rages of madness. Matthew 2: 12-23. Even years later after the death of Jesus, she is found faithful in the service of her Lord. Acts 1:14.

5. Sorrow. Many mothers have suffered the grief of losing a child. The child may be small or a man lost in battle, the sorrow is the same for a part of the mother is gone. Mary had such grief and sorrow. Even though Jesus was about thirty-three years of age, it broke her heart nonetheless. But added to her loss was the sorrow of seeing her Son crucified and dying such an agonizing death. John 19:25. Mary often kept things in her heart. Luke 2:19 & 51. No doubt it felt as though her heart would burst with sorrow.

May we all be inspired by her courage, her submission to His will and her undying devotion to the God she loved and served. She should serve as a godly example for us all. By Mary we can see the noble character of all godly women.

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