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"The Mighty Man Of Valor"

Recently I had someone ask me to tell them about Gideon. I had to confess that I did not remember a great deal about him at that particular moment. So, I decided to refresh all our minds and take a look at his life.

The Bible tells us that he was the son of Joash. We do not know who his mother was. However, we do know that he was of the tribe of Manasseh and he became a great warrior for God and his people. During his life Israel had forsaken God and were terrorized by the Midianites. The Israelites repented and asked for God's help. He sent Gideon.

1. Gideon received a divine call through God's messenger, an angel. He was summoned to deliver his nation. Judges 6:11-12.

2. Gideon did not want to assume the responsibility because Israel had been forsaken by God and also, he felt so unworthy and unfit for the task. Judges 6:15.

3. Gideon was assured that God would give him success. He was given a supernatural sign to strengthen his faith. Judges 6:16-21.

4. Gideon destroyed the grove and altar of Baal, replacing them with an altar for the worship of God. Judges 6:24-28.

5. Gideon was threatened by the idolaters. They wanted to put him to death because of what he did against their false god. He was rescued by his father. Judges 6:29-32.

6. Gideon assembled the host of Israel together as the enemies assembled. He did so by sounding the trumpet. Judges 6:33-35.

7. Gideon sought a sign from God before he confronted the enemies. Twice he asked God to be sure he was going under the blessings of God. Judges 6:36-40.

8. Gideon had his faith severely tested by the reduction of his army. The number of soldiers was reduced to only three hundred men. Judges 7:2-8.

9. Gideon visited the camp of the enemy and overheard a dream. He was greatly encouraged by what he heard. Judges 7:9-14.

10. Gideon used an unusual plan of attack. God blessed it to work even though it was probably not one other military leaders would use. Judges 7:15-18.

11. Gideon and Israel was divinely given a great victory. There is more said about the overwhelming defeat of the Midianites than any other point. Judges 7:19 - 8:21.

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