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Eve was made from Adamís rib, so they were one in Godís sight; even as two become one in marriage (Genesis 2: 21-24).

Eve is first seen in her relation to her husband Adam. Eveís role as wife was to be a help to her husband (Genesis 2:18). Her role was described by the words "help meet."

The name Eve means life. This is evident from Genesis 3:20.

The most familiar part of the life of Eve is her temptation (Genesis 3: 1-6, I Timothy 2:13-14).

Eve was blamed by Adam (Genesis 3:12) but Eve also did the same as she blamed the serpent (Genesis 3:13).

God pronounced His judgment on Eve because she disobeyed Him (Genesis 3:16).

Eve was a mother (Genesis 4:1; 4:25). Eveís best known children were Cain, Abel, and Seth. These three are named but there were other sons and daughters, which are not named in the Bible (Genesis 5:4). It is believed that Cain and Abel were the first set of twins, because there was only one conception mentioned but two births (Read carefully Genesis 4:1-2.)

Eve was also a grandmother. It is interesting to note the names of some of her grandchildren (Genesis 4:17&26).

She was also a great grandmother and apparently a great great grandmother. Her grandchildren are named in Genesis 4:18-22.

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