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The name means - "a bee."

There are two women in the Bible named Deborah. This Deborah is the second woman by that name. The first was Rebekah’s nurse (Genesis 35:8). The Deborah we will study now was much like Gideon, she was a courageous warrior. About the only personal knowledge we have of her is that she was married to a man named Lapidoth (Judges 4:4). She also judged Israel under a palm tree which is known as "The Palm Of Deborah" (Judges 4:5). She was indeed a very unusual woman in her day and one worthy of our consideration.

1. Deborah was a judge in Israel. Most of those who led during the period of the "Judges" were men. She was the fifth of the Judges and was a wise and sought after ruler. All Israel was under her jurisdiction as God had appointed her to the position. She led the people from idolatry and into the will of God. Judges 4:4-5.

2. Deborah was a warrior in Israel. She led the people as a courageous leader, fighting the forces of their enemies and bringing about peace in the land. The time of her leadership gave the land forty years of rest from war. She encouraged Barak to fight and went beside him. What a fighter this patriotic heroine proved to be. Judges 4:6-10 & 14.

3 Deborah was a prophetess in Israel. She was one of several women in scriptures who was endowed with the prophetic gift. She had the God given ability to discern the mind of God and declare His purposes to others. In those days a prophet or prophetess was a spiritual link between God and His people. Judges 4:4.

4. Deborah was a poetess in Israel. She could not only rule, fight, and prophesy but could write also. After the victory over the Canaanites, she composed a song. It is regarded as one of the finest examples of ancient Hebrew poetry. Her song of praise magnified the God she loved and served so ably. There was indeed great talent in this daring and dedicated woman. Judges 5:1-31.

5. Deborah was a wife in Israel. In those days women did not wear the trousers in the family. However, her husband was cast in dim light by comparison to his wife. He was apparently a very ordinary man who was married to a very extraordinary woman. No doubt people often referred to him as Deborah's husband. While she evidently exceeded his ability in every way, we must remember that she was blessed by God to do so. Her devotion to God would have required that she be a good wife. Judges 4:4.

6. Deborah was a maternal figure in Israel. As far as we know from the Bible, Deborah never gave birth to a single child, yet she became mother to a nation of people. I am sure that had it pleased God to give her children, she would have been an excellent mother. I know that because she was such a grand "mother in Israel." The same qualities that cause a woman to nurture and care for a child, caused her to nurture and provide for her people as a nation. Her family was much larger than had she borne children and she was loved by the children of all the parents of the nation. Judges 5:7.

What a truly remarkable and unusual woman she was. Yet there does not seem to have been resentment of her by either the men or women she loved and served so well. Throughout all time she will be remembered for her courage as a woman warrior and a loyal servant of God. Not all can emulate this woman, whether man or woman. But she does afford us all a real heroine to look up to and recognize that her greatness came from God. Just as He used her, God can use us to fight against sin and injustice. Maybe part of her greatness is rooted in and grew out of her devotion to God. She not only revealed His will to others, but lived her life according to His will. This is something we must all strive to do. If our lives please and honor God, then we can achieve a measure of greatness too. After all, those who are truly great are great in the sight of God, not men. Such was the greatness of Deborah!

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