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There is only one person in the Bible who is named David. His name is said to mean beloved. It is evident throughout the Bible, that God loved David. David was the second king of the Jews. The first king, Saul, disobeyed and displeased God and was thus rejected from being king (1 Samuel 13:13 & 1 Samuel 15:26). God replaced Saul with David, "a man after his own heart" (1 Samuel 13:14 & Acts 13:22). After Samuel anointed David (1 Samuel 16:13), God blessed him with victory over Goliath (1 Samuel 17:50). With the defeat of Goliath, David became very popular with the people. Though God loved His servant David, He did not love his sins.

Though David loved God, he did commit some grievous sins. The worst of his sins began with a lusting heart (2 Samuel 11:23). Had he taken seriously God's commandment (Exodus 20:17), he could have spared himself the effects of shameful behaviour.

As lust grew in his heart, David committed the terrible sin of adultery (2 Samuel 11:3-4). It was a sin condemned in the holy laws of God (Exodus 20:14). Even that did not turn his heart back to God's ways.

The sin of adultery resulted in the conception of child. In efforts to hide his sin, David had Bathsheba's husband killed. David planned in detail, the death of Uriah (2 Samuel 11:14-15). It was murder, plain and simple.

These terrible sins did not go unpunished. God said that the "sword" of judgment would remain with him (2 Samuel 12:7-10). Many heartaches followed but perhaps the worst was when his son Absalom tried to take the kingdom from David and was killed in the process. Our actions usually bring consequences, either good or bad.


This lesson also teaches us that God will chasten His children. The children of Israel suffered because of sin and iniquity (Isaiah 59:1-2). In the New Testament God reminds us that vengeance belongs to God (Hebrews 10:30-31). Finally, God chastens those He loves, He will not ignore our sins (Hebrews 12:6&11). Let us love God enough to obey His holy Word.

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