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It is very important for us to study the life of Abraham. He was chosen by God to be the father of the Jews. So much of the rich history of Israel is directly linked to him, his son Isaac and grandson Jacob. God called him away from his family and homeland of Haran. By his faith in God, he journeyed to a strange and distant land which was completely unknown to him. God did not reveal his destination until much later in his pilgrimage. The Book of Hebrews in the New Testament reminds us of his great faith and holds his life before us as an encouragement to following God in faithfulness (Hebrews 11:8-19). Let us study some of the many noteworthy facts about his life and character.

1. It is not easy for some people to leave their home and family, such ties are very strong. I am sure it was extremely difficult for Abraham to do so too. Yet that is precisely what God required of him. Genesis 11:31-12:1.

2. God promised Abraham that a great nation would emerge from him. Though it was difficult for him to imagine, the Jews are descended from Abraham. Genesis 12:2-3 & 15:5.

3. Abraham was like all humanity (with the exception of Jesus), a sinner. As great as he was, he gave in to fears and deceived others, saying that Sarah was his sister, not his wife. This he did, not once but twice. Genesis 12:10-13 & 20:1-5.

4. Abraham showed a great deal of grace in his separation from Lot. Their herdsmen could not get along, so in a self-sacrificing spirit, Abraham gave Lot his choice of the land. He then took what was left that they might have peace. Genesis 13:5-12.

5. Like many of us Abraham became impatient in waiting for God's promise to be fulfilled. He and Sarah devised a plan to get an heir through Sarah's servant Hagar. The child was named Ishmael but the plan proved to be a great disappointment. Genesis 16:1-6 & 15-16.

6. Even though Sarah was ninety and Abraham was ninety-nine, God fulfilled His promise of a son through whom the nation would emerge. Abraham discovered that nothing was too hard for God. The son of promise was named Isaac and was born about twenty years after the promise was given. Genesis 17:1-7, 17-19 & 21:1-3.

7. Though Abraham was at times confronted by his enemies, there were other times when he was visited by angels. Three came to visit on one occasion and apparently one of them was the Lord. What a blessing that experience must have been. Genesis 18:1 & 9-14.

8. Abraham was a praying man as evidenced by his intercessory prayers for Sodom. God made known to him that the destruction of Sodom was impending. Abraham prayed repeatedly for the city, time and time again he asked God to spare the city for fewer and fewer people. Genesis 18:23- 33.

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