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Some say her name means "maker of joy."

At Carmel lived a man named Nabal. He was a rich landowner with many thousands of sheep and goats. This landowner was the husband of Abigail. During shearing time David, dependent on the help of friendly neighbors for survival, sent some of his men to Nabal for provisions. Nabal refused the request and made David angry. In his anger David girded on his sword and set out with four hundred men to punish Nabal for his refusal.

Abigail learned of her husband's inhospitable behavior and of David's intention to take revenge. Immediately she prepared several hundred loaves of bread, had a number of sheep dressed, gathered many container of parched grain, and other gifts. Abigail sent these provisions to the camp of David. Having sent these provisions, she then went to David and with great courage and tact she apologized for the rudeness of her husband. She then begged David to accept the food and forgive them, which he did. In doing this Abigail saved the life of her husband.

When Abigail returned home, she told her husband what she had done and of how close he had come to perishing by the sword of David. Overcome by fright, Nabal sickened and died within ten days. As soon as David heard of this he sent for Abigail and she became his wife. By her he had a son named Chileab.

Suggestion: Read the entire 25th chapter of I Samuel, for the above information is found scripturally documented there.

General information- Abigail was: wise and beautiful (I Sam. 25:3). She interceded for her husband Nabal (I Sam. 25:24-3l). After Nabal's death, she married David (I Sam. 25:42) gave David his son, Chileab (II Sam. 2:3).

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